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Care Instructions

Let's talk earring care! Your earrings are handmade out of polymer clay, which is a durable and lightweight material. However, I recommend that you follow the care instructions below to keep those cuties taken care of!


  • Do your earrings need cleaned? No worries! You can use soap and water to gently wash them. If your earrings have brass components, be aware that water may cause them to tarnish. If you notice any kind of tarnish on the brass accents, just know there's a fix for that! Brasso is your friend, or any similar polish. Use a soft cloth with a little bit of polish to make those accents look like new again. 


  • Don't know where to store them? Any small box is perfectly fine! You can even use the box they're shipped in. You can also hang them on a jewelry organizer. It's recommended you keep them separate from other earrings to avoid any scratches or damage.